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Plus N-31W Electronic Copyboards - Plus N31W - 423-498

PLUS C-20S CaptureBoard - PLUS C20S Whiteboard - 423116

PLUS C-20S CaptureBoard - PLUS C20S Whiteboard - 423116

Plus N-31S Electronic Copyboards - Plus N31S - 423-497

Plus N-31S Electronic Copyboards - Plus N31S - 423-497

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Plus N-31W
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Plus N-31W Electronic Copyboards - Plus N31W 
The Plus N-31W Electronic Copyboards - Plus N31W - 423-498 exemplify technology at their best owing to the wide range of functions instilled in the design. This interactive Plus N-31W Electronic Copyboard works best to protect information as it was primarily engineered to safeguard critical information and includes multiple technological advancements like SSL Security to encrypt data for protected usage. With two sheet surfaces included in its design, the Plus N-31W Electronic Copyboards offers USB ports, multiple FTP sites and smartphone accessibility for convenient usage.
Featuring an electronic pen and highly efficient utility software, the Plus N31W Electronic Copyboards also feature pen strokes that can be captured, recorded, saved and replayed along with different PC applications to experience a world-class experience. The N-31W Electronic Copyboards proves to be of great use in making power point presentations and creative learning lessons with its fantastic design.
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Plus N-31W Comes Standard With:

  • 36" X 71"
  • Password Security and Validation
  • SSL Security – Data is transferred in encrypted format.
  • IC Card  - Intelligent Card, lets you initiate scan to FTP server.
  • Multiple Users  - Up to 100 users can be programmed into the board. Meeting notes can be saved to a specific users FTP site or to the boards’ memory.
  • Multiple FTP Sites – More than one FTP site can be accessed by the board.
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